Monday, August 27, 2012

Mining Monday- The Last One in August~

This week I thought we would have a "fashion show" of sorts~

Different Styles to Get the Job Done

Solar panels for those long, sunny days. ;o)

A fleet..
The Gold Flow, Gold Dog and Gold Finger
(did you just hear that line of the song/movie theme in your head?) 

Different tops and profiles in the small boat harbor .

These are at another parking place on the beach of the Snake River in 2011..

This beach is packed this year!

I think these miners have a lot of faith in this vessel.
I hope their wear they life jackets and wet suits!!

On Friday, 8-24-12, the newest show filmed in Nome:

Did you catch it?

One of the set-ups was in the summer "Recreation Area".
 In the winter though it is
"Out on the ice on East Beach".

March 2012
We are expecting to have more of this type of mining this winter.
This group was able to stay on the ice until May
going through the same holes protected by the tent.
Another season of mining for those willing to take the plunge!

The colors are beginning to turn,
and some of the remaining birds are gathering to head south.
Signs of fall to be sure.....


  1. I enjoy your blog so much. I live in a very different climate, so cal,and it is really interesting to hear of life in Alaska. Please keep sharing!

  2. Looks like grid-lock in the nautical parking lot ;)


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