Monday, August 6, 2012

Mining Monday~

It has been another dismal weather week for the miners.
Mist, rain, fog and wind
have been making the rounds keeping everyone land-locked.
Miners have begun to sell their equipment when they can
and head back to dryer, warmer country.

I imagine it is much like the gold stampede at the turn of the century!
Reality has kicked in for some,
and they are moving on.
Others are sticking it out as September and October
might be better dredging/weather months.
Last year we had an amazing fall..maybe we will again.

Recently they found a miner who had passed on in his tent at
Shanty Town (aka Steve's World).
He was 71 years old, living his dream and went to sleep.
While it is sad, I can think of a lot of worse ways to go than while fulfilling your goal.

On a brighter note...
We had a brief break in the weather so went up Anvil Mountain
to catch a glimpse of 
the Port and blue fuel tanks (center at the edge of the shore), 
a Coast Guard Boat and barge on the water,
 High School/Junior High/Pool Complex (lower right in picture), 
old land dredges 
and the Bering Sea.

Since we never know when the next break will be,
we need to take advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves.....

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  1. It's kind of strange seeing the schools out in what I would consider the middle of nowhere. Do the students have to travel a great distance to get there?


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