Monday, August 13, 2012

Mining Monday~

This dredge is one of the larger crafts found in the Small Boat Harbor.
It bears two flags, the Stars and Stripes,
and the Montana state flag.

Because of their size they can't dredge in the Recreation Area
and must use their own permitted land.
I was able to catch their spot a little off shore, east of the Nome River.

After spending days on the ocean collecting sand and gravel from the bottom,
boats and crews head in to clean out the findings.

The water flushes out the larger materials as it is worked through a large screen.
At each level, the left-over material is put through a smaller-holed screen
until, finally, the only thing left is gold!!

The bigger the better!

 We have enjoyed several days of mid 60-70' F temperatures and
today, a bit of soft rain which has kept the dust down.

I hope the miners have enjoyed the sunshine as much as the rest of us.....


  1. Hoping the sun continues to shine your way for many weeks to come :)

  2. Thanks for explaining how they work. It's really interesting.


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