Friday, August 17, 2012

Signs of Winter~

I heard a rumor
that we have six weeks from
when the tops of the Fireweed begins to bloom
until winter begins.

That doesn't bode well when I see this

The bottom blossoms are done and have fallen off..

and the top ones are "plumping up" as they prepare for their turn to bloom.

I have been watching closely...

while hoping it is just a rumor,
and not a reality.....


  1. little granma, mom's mom from up around unalakleet somewhere, used to say that, too. and, it used to be pretty much the average time for cool down and maybe a snow, like the first week of october [say 65 years ago when i was younger]. not now. maybe first snow last week of october. and some years it's much later. forty years ago it was raining every other year on halloween. and then one year no snow 'til after newyears. that was then. we're on the 'southern coast' and winter comes when it will. my white fireweed's at the top; my bright pink is halfway. and we still like to say 'hmmm, six more weeks 'til winter!'

  2. I'm not ready to let go of summer at all but I see some of the leaves turning here already and know that I will soon be bringing out the sweaters and long pants and shortly (much too shortly) after, the parkas and mitts :(


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