Saturday, August 18, 2012

Views From The World~

A cruise ship, The World,
is docked at the port for a few days.
Our weather challeges have "challenged" them a bit.

Billed as a luxury residence away from home, The World travels the globe,
stopping at different ports all year long.
They have been bopping up the Alaska coast this summer, with a quick stop
in Russia, then Nome before heading through the Northwest Passage.

Residents can plan their itinerary a year in advance then make arrangements to fly in or out
at their chosen port.

Because of our closed runway, and low weather, flights are not working very smoothly.
The Alaska Airlines jet usually comes in three times a day.
This past week, they missed some or all of their flights...on several days in a row....
no passengers, no mail, no groceries, no workers or parts for the runway!
Since the closed runway is the longest one,
the required minimum flight regulations, are more restrictive for air travel.
This means the low clouds and poor visibility kept jets out of the Nome airport.
Local commuters could fly because they are smaller and don't need as much runway to land.
Luckily, they do charters as well as schedules!

This little capsule is The World's shuttle boat which brings passengers back and fourth to shore.
With the rough seas, the ship had to dock on the ocean-side, outside of the port
making their commute a little longer.

(note--see the crane behind the shuttle?  We are getting a new bridge so they are putting
pilings into the river--more on that later)

Leaving the small boat harbor, the passengers passed many of the anchored dredges,

storage vans waiting to be loaded onto the next barge,

fishing boats and the busy port..

I am not sure I would like riding that low in the waves!

As it disappeared around the point of the port, the shuttle hit a wave
and went vertical off the water-
 a thrill I could do without!

The trucks haul a load of  rocks about every 15 min. which will be shipped out on the barges.

The lighter/tug must be waiting for calmer seas to move its load

The shuttle also passed these fishermen setting their nets.

Several of the passengers had made arrangements for charter jets or their private jets
 to pick them up once they finished touring in Nome.

This Portuguese crew and plane arrived from New York.
After taking on more fuel than it would take to heat our house for a year, they were
headed to Italy on a 16-hr non-stop trip.
It was reported that the passenger, Gina Rinehart, was "disturbed" when her bags were sprinkled on by the rain ;o)

We all see the world a little differently, don't we.....

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