Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cranberries of Delight~

For some reason I have never been cranberry picking before.
But, when I discovered a wonderful patch of 
wild low-bush cranberries, also known as Lingenberries, 
I decided to pick in the warmth of the morning sun.

The locals say the best time to find cranberries is after the first real frost--
and we have had plenty of frosts this week!
Because of their texture and firmness, 
they are extremely easy to pick.

I did it by hand and then went back and tried with my berry comb.
I found this beauty at a craft fair during Iditarod--
there are some amazing artists who come to town then!
The comb is made from cottonwood, and has our Alaska State Flower,

But, because of the berry's size, 
it takes a lot of pickin' to fill a bucket!!
It took me almost an hour to get about 3 cups worth~

which I went home and divided into two freezer bags, 
and one batch of Lemon-Cranberry Muffins
to share with my friend.....


  1. The berries are beautiful Sharon. You will have your own picked cranberries for Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that berry comb! Your harvest looks might good.

  3. Your berry comb is simply beautiful! I know it was a lot of work to pick that few berries but what a payoff. :) And just imagine how glad our ancestors were when they found a bush or too - a real treat to their lives. blessings, marlene

  4. The berries really look good and what a neat idea to use that berry comb!


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