Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Deny's the Cry~

I keep wearing sandals
and while running today, 
it was so hot!
But my 54' F might make you think NoT.

Without the wind, the warmth of the sun in my day,
 makes winter seem so, blessedly far away.

So deny the seasonal change, DeNy 
until you look north, 
below the clear blue sky.

Alas, I am no poet,
oh well, ;-)    
I know it.....


  1. Hello Sharon, I know exactly what you mean, we woke up to 44 degrees yesterday and when the sun came up it was beautiful. I am still wearing shorts, because I knew by the end of the day it would be in the seventies. Fall is here in the Finger Lakes area of Western NY. Love your poem and the picture is beautiful, have a great week.

  2. Oh what a photograph! What a cute poem. I'm still in my sandals/flip flops and in total denial that the seasons are changing (too quickly). Very nice sleeping at night though with the air off and the windows open ;)


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