Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flying On~

The Engineering Son is busy with his new job
which I am told is Top Secret 
right now.  

But, he LoVeS what he is doing and being a part of
 an upcoming, fledgling company.

It seems hanging around the airport has inspired more flying time
and on September 18th he soloed!!

Traditionally when a pilot successfully solos for the first time,
their instructor cuts the tail of their shirt.
It is a good time to plan to wear your oldest and grubbiest!
Since the boys have all soloed in the Lower 48,
they saved the shirt cutting for their dad,
The Pilot Man.

Because the Son couldn't take time off, we drove to meet up with the newlyweds.
When we caught up with the Mr. and Mrs. Engineers,
the son was wearing the shirt he soloed in..

and his Dad did the honors in the parking lot!
When we get it home, the shirt will reside on the Solo Tail Wall with the others.

Now it is official...he has completed his solo..... 

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