Friday, October 12, 2012

Following the Chickies South~

Our first stop as we flew south was 
to see some of the kids.

The Nursing Daughter's team had their XC Parents' Weekend
and their last regular home meet.

Wide-open spaces....

and freshly sprinkled ground

made this the coolest XC course I have ever watched from.  
It is actually a working wheat farm and the trails had been pressed into the 
disced wheat stubble after it had been harvested.
The Parks and Rec Department has a little park at the end of the field so part of the race
traversed through the trails and trees there.

At some point they hope to have softball fields and a national XC course here, 
but in between the family that farms it,
will continue to work the land.

The Nursing Daughter is a TA for a micro-biology professor who's family
has farmed this land for generations.
She has a vineyard on the corner 75 acres where the sheds and equipment are still kept.
When the professor came to watch the daughter run, she shared her story.
While it was hard for her family to consider other options,
the town is encroaching all around as it grows.
Her grandfather decided it would be better to have it serve students 
(if the school bond goes through)
and recreation for all, rather than mass cookie-cutter stores.
He could see their world was changing and 
thought that would be a solution that he could live with.

The night after the races, the team shared their celebration of the seniors
and a successful season for the runners
with parents and family.
Photo OPs!!

Next, they are off to the Conference Races.....

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