Monday, October 1, 2012

Mining Monday~

I am told the Termination Dust may be here to stay.
The snow on the hills has moved down to lower elevations,
and is sTiCkInG on the ground!

This means it is time for the final, heavily loaded barges of summer to arrive in Nome.

where some of the cargo will be loaded onto smaller barges to
be distributed to the surrounding villages.

Once they are emptied, the larger barges are re-loaded with containers that are leaving town.
Some of the containers go out vacant,

but most are filled with anything that needs to leave..
equipment,  papers/batteries to be recycled, automobiles, or
household items if someone is moving.

The last fishing trips are being taken by boat.

And, if you are a seasonal miner,
it is time to pack up your equipment and to warmer climates!
Many of them have made arrangements to store their equipment for the winter
then starting up again in the spring.

Time to close out the 2012 summer mining season and prepare for the next.

Everyone has to finish before the blue water turns solid.....


  1. Great pictures of what happens as the seasons change. Love the beautiful blue skies! Thanks so much for sharing your little part of the world.

  2. Can't believe your summer/fall is almost over. All the photos are lovely but the last one is a real beauty.

  3. Interesting to read of the different changes brought on by the seasonal change in Nome. Seems like only a few weeks ago...when last winter's snow melted and you were finally able to go up your drive, Sharon.

  4. Wonderful photos.......winter is coming!

  5. Hi Sharon, love to see all your wonderful pictures of everyone getting ready for the winter to come. Great to see your part of the world. Have a great weekend. Susie x


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