Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On to Nevada~

My window seat offered a grand view flying out of Phoenix 
on a sunny day!
The landscape really showed up across the desert.

Tammy and I joined with our husbands 
for our first Couple's Trip!

We flew from different directions
to meet up at the Las Vegas airport to begin our adventure.

While the other three signed up to drive the car,
I signed on to take care of the bags ;-)

It didn't take us long to load up and head 
to our first stop

Boulder City, Nevada.

We could have spent a lot longer there,
but only had one night before driving south.

The streets are lined with great sculptures 
and artwork
giving the town a lot of personality!

The Boulder Dam Hotel has been restored
and was the perfect location 
for walking about the cute little burg.

If your bags are very big, though, you 
might need to rethink the
itty, bitty elevator.
Bags must have been a lot smaller way back when.

There is a great little museum attached to the 
filled with interesting facts and stories about 
Boulder (Hoover) Dam 
and those who built it.

Thirty minutes from Las Vegas,
this peaceful town is definitely worth the stop.....

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