Friday, October 5, 2012

Stormy Seas~

On a beautiful Friday afternoon the sun was shining

but the wind was kicking up a storm!

Earlier in the morning, a storm warning had been put out for all coastal areas.

 Water levels rose four feet and more above the HiGh WaTeR lines!

 It whipped the salt water into a foam..

which blew over the span of beach and across the road. 

Looking up the coastline towards town you could see the waves clear the rock seawall.

A boat was held off-shore waiting out the storm.  
Boats in the small-boat harbor were moved up the river or anchored tightly at the dock.

New For Sale signs have appeared around town.
You too could have your own piece of paradise ;-)
for a price!

 The repeated storms this summer have really churned the ocean's floor.
A 4.9 Troy ounce nugget was scooped out with a dredge hose
and the diver didn't even know it until he climbed topside!

You can find a picture of the nugget on the front page of the Alaska's oldest paper,

That delightful discovery of a huge nugget when you were cleaning out your days work,
might allow you do dream of making your paradise anywhere.....


  1. Great post and pictures. Love your descriptions of the weather.

  2. Powerful looking waves...can hardly tell where the waves stop and the clouds begin.

  3. What a wonderful discovery for the dredge operator! The photos of the sea are wonderful. Amazed at all the *foam* in the ocean :)

  4. What beautiful pictures - you captured these scenes beautifully. blessings, marlene


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