Saturday, November 3, 2012

It Has Been a Week~

If you read the post a week ago,
did you leave your water in the freezer?
Is it solid and smooth?
Ours has been freezing in spite its dose of daily sunshine.

When I checked yesterday, I noticed that for some reason much of the surface 
is rough and choppy.
Maybe it was a little windy, and frosty on top as it froze?

Looking down river it has overflowed the banks and is smooth along the edges,
except for the water still running against the shore.
The water is coming out in a small 3' X 3' area and burbling gently up across the ice
as it follows the path of least resistance downstream!

Looking upriver it is solid against the shore and smooth enough to skate on.
It made me wonder how thick the ice was?
Could I get my skates out to safely skate?

Cautiously I crept out onto the ice to test it...somebody had to..
It didn't even creak, it is AlReAdY so THIck!!

But, then I remembered the safety drills we have been working on with the kids,
and dispersed my weight as I slid forward to look at the layers of 
twisted ice.

It looks way too rough for skiing on, doesn't it.

The next afternoon I went down to check out the river again.
The sun was warm and the air, crisp on my face.

There was a new lead around the corner.
Water had flowed over the ice leaving several inches of water soaking on top.

Overnight a thin, fragile sheet of ice had formed along the edge, but you could still see
the water flow underneath it.

Shore grass and air bubbles were moved by the currents under the transparent ice.

The currents have pushed the thick layers of surface ice against each other,

heaving some pieces up, over the other layers leaving jagged edges.

Yet, in other areas, the water's ripples have frozen in place leaving 
smooth contours above the water, as the river noisily rushes beneath the ice!

More freezing and shifting will probably take place as the river settles in for the winter.....

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  1. You'll be skiing and skating on the rivers in no time. Can't believe your crawled over the ice...more nerve that I have! Love all your photos, but the last one with the frosted leaf is so neat.


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