Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankful Afternoon~

Usually the week flies by and there isn't time
when it is the sun is shining,
to get out and enjoy it.
But, this afternoon I appreciated time to soak up the warmth..

Driving home I spotted this boat-

and was struck by the contrast..

Boat vs. Ice

Since it was such a pretty day, I walked down onto the beach with camera in hand
to try and capture what I was thinking.

As I walked closer to be shoreline, I noticed the contours of the ice..

ripples from the waves that were frozen in time.

Little ice floats shimmered across the ocean like dancing diamonds.

As I explored up the beach

and rolled in the sand and ice trying to capture the textures with my camera,
I listened to the moving water that sounded like a slush puppy 
as you swirl it before slurping a drink.

It was about 14' but the sun was bouncing brightly off of the water,
highlighting the ice-coated rocks.

When I crept out onto the slushy edge, I could get a better view of the ice 
growing thicker with each slow slosh of the waves.

The edges of the shoreline has softer, and more rounded profiles than in the summer.

I wonder how much longer the water will continue to flow?
It is almost December.....


  1. What wonderful pictures! Such beauty. It is hard for me to even imagine the beach freezing living in southern California. It is hard to comprehend the level of cold that would take as well. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I love that you share your thoughts and images with us. I hope the owner of the boat remembers to get it out of the water soon.


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