Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful For Generous Kids~

One of the groups we get to work with at the pool
are the NACTEC (Northwestern Arctic Career and Technical Center) kids.

These kids usually come from surrounding villages and Nome high schools,
while a few fly in from different parts of the state.
They begin their school day with swimming.

This past session, two students shared their love of the water with two new swimmers 
who were scared and unsure of the ReAllY big tub.
Because of the instructors' kindness and encouragement, 
the two swimmers were able to "swim" by the end of their session.
One of them even passed the Deep End Swim Test
and was able to swim safely in the 10ft water!

We love happy swimmers at the pool..... 


  1. Great group of kids! Couldn't help but notice the polar bear artwork...beautiful.

  2. Wow! People in our area are moaning because gas is ranging from 3.90 to 4.50.
    Starting the day with a swim class sounds like a great idea. I love hearing when kids inspire each other to accomplish new things.


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