Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trying to Explain~

I keep trying to answer questions about how the river freezes
but, from the quizzical looks, 
I don't think I have been very successful
describing what it is like.

Usually is begins to freeze along the shoreline
and the solid parts spread as the water flow

It creates such unique sounds...

If you are interested maybe this will help you picture the change.
You could try it with me if you want to get a better idea..

First get a glass or metal drinking container
and fill it 2/3 full with water.
Then add a little crushed ice
and sit down with glass in hand.
You might want to move away from your computer to be safe!

Now, close your eyes
and swirl the mixture in a gentle, lazy way.

Hear how the ice gently "chinks" as it bumps against the other chips?

Then, as it knocks against the more solid edge ice, it grinds and grates while it flows?

That is how the river sounds as it is beginning to freeze.
Now, how about placing your glass into a freezer and lets meet back here
to compare our water samples in a week.....


  1. Great explanation and lovely photos :)

  2. Thanks for the vivid description. It made me feel as though I was there. Congratulations to your son on achieving his solo flight.
    I'm just catching up on your recent posts. We finally got our power back yesterday evening after hurricane Sally. Today we are watching snowfall from a Northeaster. Alaska is starting to look better all of the time.


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