Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Little This, A Little That~

As we move towards the shortest day of the year

we have noticed a lot of overflow.  
As the water seeps through the ice it cools, creating Sea Smoke.
By watching for this rising mist, hunters can tell where the open waters are
for hunting.
The leading edge of the ice is smooth and rounded
against the shore--for a while. 

Vehicles found in yards in Alaska
might be a little different than 
those found in the lower '48.
Often people in these parts learn to fly before they drive--
being off of the road system will do that to an area.

We are still able to drive over the bypass road to work.
This year a new sign was posted which had a pretty clear message!

Last year December 16th was the last day we could use this road over the top.
So far there is still a lot of bare road between the house and town,
so it could be even longer this year.

As the temperatures kept dipping outside,
the warm fire felt mighty nice inside...

but at -34' F, sparkin' 
takes on a whole new meaning.....


  1. It's funny, my husband came in after walking the dog this morning (through a snow dump of 30cm) and said *Good news is that the days are getting longer!*
    Stay warm and cozy and safe and best wishes for a beautiful Christmas to you. xo

  2. I don't know why it never occurred to me that you had to fly to work in the winter.
    I love the idea of Sea Smoke. It has such a romantic sound.


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