Monday, December 31, 2012

Bricktown, Oklahoma~

In the dark of New Year's Eve
we went exploring down by the canal
through the revamped part of Oklahoma City
called Bricktown.

Once known as the warehouse district, the beautiful brick buildings
were homes to four railroad companies, and the city's first black newspaper, just to name
a few businesses.
During the depression most of the buildings were abandoned.

Now the area is home to 
a meandering canal which was based on the San Antonio RiverWalk.

Along the canal there are eateries with entertainment,

a basketball stadium,
which is also a location for concerts, etc.,

Some beautiful artwork,

fun little nooks,

a baseball stadium,
which had a huge, inflatable slide for tubing the night we went by!

Both an indoor and an outdoor hockey rink,

a botanical garden,

and the Oklahoma City New Year's Eve crystal ball!

Even a bit of a history stop...

It is a fun little area where 
you can choose your mode of transportation..

by water,

limo, bike or horse-drawn carriage.

There is a perfect ride for EvErYbodY!

If you are in the area,
we would recommend it for a pleasant evening's walk.....


  1. Beautiful! The restoration of this area is wonderful.

  2. I have never been out west, but Oklahoma City looks like a great place to visit.

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  4. Wow!! The city looks so beautiful!! These pictures are breathtaking!

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