Saturday, December 29, 2012

First Time Together~

Well....we have met her
and she is perfect..

Who is surprised we think that? ;-)

It snowed big flakes the morning after we arrived!
So the Florida girl and the Alaska boy 
took their daughter's new muklucks out for a test.

The roses outside were drying and the blossoms caught the flakes.

I got to take pictures of 
The First Bath.

Then Miss Sweetness slept through the rousing cheers of 
Her First Monopoly Game!

The First Time Aunts, First Time Uncles,
First Time Parents,
and First Time Grandparents
are appreciating the time.....


  1. Lovely child for you first-timers to enjoy and love!

  2. What a beautiful gift she is and how lucky is she to have you as her grand-parents.
    I'm squealing with delight at those adorable teeny muklucks!

  3. She looks so sweet surrounded by all of the pink fluffiness. A beautiful, healthy child is always a blessing. I'm glad you got to spend time with her. The tiny muklucks are a riot.


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