Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stocking Up~

One of my favorite holiday traditions 
is taking out the family's Christmas stockings.

I have made one for every member of our two-legged family
although, for some reason-- that must have made sense at the time--

Dexter Dog has a fuzzy, purchased one,
that gets filled with goodies!

Each stocking is unique, and I like to think as special
as the person it was created for.
The boys' stockings are replicas of the quilt pattern I made for their beds when they were little.
Taking them out each year is a short walk through those sweet days long ago.

My plan was .... when the kids married,
their spouses would have a stocking at our house,
and each couple would have a newly created set of their own
to begin their own family tradition.

This year I sewed stockings for the newlyweds 
to have for their first Christmas as married couples.
Next year I will add stockings in our home for the :-) grandbabies,
and they will have a matching one, to add to their family's.

Since we won't always be together for the holidays,
I hope seeing their stockings when we are celebrating miles apart,
reminds them of those who will always 
cherish them at home.

But the new stockings are "In the Mail" 
so I need to keep this post as a draft a little longer
and get sewing on the next project.....

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