Friday, December 14, 2012

Questions With No Answers~

Sometimes I think there are questions that we will
never have answers for..

How could a person hate so much 
that they could choose to take a bunch of
precious, young lives, and the adults protecting them?

Or holiday shoppers?
Or hospital workers?
Or high school students?
Or movie goers?

Innocence is lost, and lives changed.
This week has been a time of so much saddness,
 when it should be a season
of GrEaT JoY and GoOd ChEeR.

Maybe the fact that it makes no sense to us,
is the most important fact that we need?

It isn't okay.
It never will be.

We may not have the answers,
but together, 
we can be the solution.

Peace on Earth,
Good Will to men.....

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  1. We live 30 minutes from Newtown and the shock waves have flowed over everyone in our community. My daughter took horseback riding lessons in Newtown through our local GS camp. It is a beautiful, typical New England town. Our niece's fiancee grew up in Newtown on the same street as the shooter. His parents are renting their home while they are on a corporate rotation in Geneva. The child of their tenants was killed in the shooting. Hearing about shootings in other places has always been heart breaking for me. This time, whether it is because of the age of the victims or geographic proximity, it has been much worse.
    My last year as a teacher, I was being stalked by a mentally unstable parent. Although she was not violent and insisted on buying me gifts and inviting me places, the school forbade her from calling me at home and limited her contact with me to when she was dropping off and picking up her child. She had already been banned from 2 nursery schools in the town and Social Services was alerted to the situation. I think it was part of the reason I retired so early. After the shooting, I started to remember her mood swings and how we never were sure what she was capable of. We are Catholics and have a parish school. They have just hired an armed guard.
    I wonder if any of us will ever take our safety for granted again.


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