Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Oklahoma City Capitol Building~

Remember the line from the song from the play/movie

"Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plains.."

The Flyer Son had warned us that it could be cool with the wind,
but we didn't realize it would be colder than home!
I do love those crisp, blue skies above the flat landscapes.

We were able to get out and enjoy bits of the city.
Our first stop was the state capitol building.

It is a beautiful structure
filled with historical artwork,

ornate architectural details,

portraits of famous Oklahoma athletes, songwriters, educators

and goodwill ambassadors.

Will Rogers was a homestate boy who spread his wisdom and 
humor throughout the world.
He and famous Oklahoma aviator, Wiley Post, flew their last flight 
near Barrow, Alaska in 1935.
Franklin D. Roosevelt said that Rogers analysis of affairs abroad proved 
to be more accurate than any others he had heard! 

The dome was beautifully designed.
Names of company sponsors are tastefully incorporated around the edge.

 Rounding up our little group before we went outside took some doing!

Outside the grass was crisp as we walked across it

but the sun was already working to melt the snow.....

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  1. What a surprise it must have been to find that you were colder in Oklahoma city than at home! Beautiful building and lovely pictures.


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