Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My Grandfather's youngest sister was a pilot for as long as I knew her.
She had her own plane..a Mooney,
and flew her family around.
In her job she investigated accidents for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

I had also been told she was a member of the Ninety-Nines~
a group of women pilots-
and had competed in airplane races.
So when we saw the Ninety-Nines Museum right next to 
the Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City,
we stopped in to check it out.

After a brief search, I found her on the Wall of Wings!

When the Pilot Man and I were first married
my aunt was asking about his flying.
I didn't know anything about the flying game at the time.
We had only been married a month :o)

She asked if he flew Part-135,
to which the new bride replied, "No, he flies Navajos."

She was very patient and kind to me
and now I know the difference~
Part-135 is part of the Code of Regulations..
a Navajo is a plane.

The Ninety-Nines began in 1929 with 99 women
who were involved in aviation
and wanted to promote flying and encourage other women in their field.

During the pilot shortage of WWII several countries utilized
women to ferry planes, while the men flew the fighter planes.
After the war, many of those women continued in the aviation field in various capacities.

I found a book at the museum that had part of my aunt's story in it.

I learned a few new things about her from the brief story.

It wasn't quite up to date, but it was a good read.....

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