Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Planes..Past and Present~

On New Year's Day, as dinner cooked,
we toured the base..

They have a large display of past Air Force planes.
Some of the planes have newer models which are still in use, while these were retired.

A F-4D "Phantom II"

One previously used to track weather from the air.

A B-52 which is so large it has wheels for it's wings,
and a tail cockpit.

A whole lot of power in the air!

This is a C-135.
It is similar to the one the Flyer Son flies on. 

It looks like a smiling plane, don't you think?

They also honored the legendary Tuskegee Airmen.

Behind the statue is a B-47.
Below is the backside of it.
When the Pilot Man's Dad {hello there :o) --he reads this blog} was in the Air Force
these were one of the planes he controlled.

The planes below are the Flying Son's office while in the air.
A present day AWACS (C-135)!

We happened to catch him taking off as we were driving off the base
to take the Pilot Man to the airport.

When we returned we saw the Navy version take off.

It was kinda cool to see them.
A whole lot of plane action goes on around there.....

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