Saturday, January 12, 2013

Storm Warnings~

Today the Weather Service put out a Storm Warning 
for our area.

They were expecting high winds, poor visibility and snow 
so we prepared..
just in case :-)

Can you see the drive down the hill in front of the car?
Neither could we in the flat light!!

The Pilot Man stamped out a guide near the markers for
the daughter and I to follow as we punched through the soft snow.
Once we made it out of the drive, the rest was easy..
except for the wind.

We parked up on the road along with the neighbors 
and walked home.

Dexter Dog was able to walk down the drive in the new grooves.
His hips don't support him walking through the deep snow anymore :-(

The light the past few days has been various shades of "blue".
It is kind of pretty to see the different colors.

After we get set, we will need to watch and see how the storm develops.....


  1. Good to see a pic of Dexter Dog. What an ole' trooper he is. Hopefully you don't get too much wind and snow. Stay in, stay warm and take good care.

  2. That does look a bit chilly!! My sister and BIL retired to Homer this year after living their lives in So. CA.

    Your new little granddaughter is adorable. She looks like a perfect doll.

  3. My goodness, that just looks so amazing! Mother Nature certainly like to push our buttons. While you face these massive snow drops, we have been sweltering in severe heat. Your poor dexter dog, it must be hard on him

  4. I love the picture of the gnome. That is hilarious. I have a soft spot for gnomes. Dexter dog is adorable. What a sweet pup. You certainly have a lot of snow. Typically, we would have lots of snow as well but apparently mother nature is confused because it was 60 degrees today and we had a thunderstorm. Crazy weather.


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