Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Oklahoma City Memorial~

On April 19, 1995,
between 9:01 AM and 9:03 AM the world changed.

The Oklahoma City Memorial 
is an outstanding visual story of that sad time.

9:01 is above the Window in Time at one end of the reflective pond..

Chairs with names are placed the length of the pond.
Large ones for each adult, and 
a small ones for each child lost.

At the time of the bombing this area was a parking lot
for workers in the downtown businesses.

This is a section of the last remaining wall of the structure..

Two short minutes represented across the pond to the 9:03 Window in Time,
shows how quickly the world is forever changed.


all of  those lives altered..

9:03, leaving remnant of lives, walls,
and a tree.

The Survivor Tree..

Some of the branches are hollow,
but the tree still survives and remains overlooking the Memorial.

The former Journal Record Building right next to the parking lot is now a museum..

which contains more of the story.

Outside you can still find memorabilia being placed

so we will always remember.....

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  1. How well we all remember that day! Thanks for sharing the pics of the memorial with us.


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