Sunday, January 6, 2013

There and Back~

We left Oklahoma on a sunny day.
The view from the window made me think that they must use pivots 
for watering the fields.   
There were so many snow-dusted rounds as we flew over.

As we landed in Denver, we could see the snow-capped ridge
of the Rockie Mountains.

A few more flights and we were home!

While we had been gone it had been warmer in Nome than Oklahoma
and the shore-fast sea ice had moved out,
 leaving open leads near the shoreline.

As the water refroze, it made a perfectly smooth ice skating area.

Buffered by think chunks of ice.

I don't think winter is over yet.....

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  1. The sky and ice shots are wonderful! As nice as it was to get away, I'm sure you were happy to get back home. Though I'm sure you are missing the sweetness you had to leave behind :)


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