Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What It Looks Like Now~

One afternoon after work I walked around our house to see
what was happening outside.

I found someone else at home..

I am guessing it is a vole hole.  The larger tracks are from a different critter--any guesses?
The voles like to burrow under the snow as they forage for food.
Last spring we found trails in the grass where they had fed their way across during the winter.

Between our house and the river, the bank slopes, then drops again.
We have stairs down the last embankment.  The stairs are about 12' from the river.
This year the overflow has gone up enough
that has covered that river edge and it is level with the bottom step!
 At +17 degrees the ice was still soft on the top.

                                                                       The overflow fills a slew which connects to the river around the corner from the house.  Those are some pretty large prints pressed into the ice.

Another critter had been checking things out before me.

Dexter Dog was sad he couldn't walk down to the river with me.  
Poor guy..

Usually the willows and alders behind the spruce trees are covered by snow.
We haven't had much snow yet so things are looking pretty bare.
The Iron Dog Snowmachine Race and Iditarod are
coming up soon, so hopefully we will get a little more by then.

Just a little ;-) please, not a lot.....


  1. I hope you get enough snow for the races but that's it! Last spring we saw evidence of the moles burrowing in our yard. Thankfully, no permanent damage was done.
    Poor ole Dexter Dog :(

  2. We had 12 inches of snow yesterday. I would be happy to send you some. We lucked out it was supposed to be a lot worse.


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