Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Look at the Last Week of February~

We have just about made it through February!!

The days are getting longer,
and some days are even getting warmer ;o)

This is what our world looks like this week~

A 'new to me pickup' in town.  
Does anyone know the model year?
It looks like it is in good shape, but I have never seen it before.

The Nome River Valley
 while driving home.

An old cabin in Dexter.  
It just keeps leaning a little more each season.
I keep wondering how much longer it can stand!

The cabin owner's ride.

Diamonds in the snow. 

This jeep has been parked since last fall in the same spot.
There isn't any snow under it which is odd.
Our snow level is so low that we could just drive it out if we wanted to.
Usually it would be snowed in!

Typically I can ski over the tops of these willows to the river 
instead of climbing under them!

In the spring, when it is time for the sun to drop,
it disappears quickly behind the hills
as the shadows grow longer.
Soon that greenhouse will have a few little growing plants!

Our world is looking pretty good right now..... 


  1. That's a great truck. I wish I could help you, but I have no clue what year it is. Is the low amount of snowfall this year part of a warming pattern or is it just an unusual year?

  2. It is very odd that there is no snow accumulated underneath that Jeep! Beautiful pictures of your wonderful part of the world.


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