Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stitchin', Stitchin'~

My Bernina and I have been humming along lately.
It has been fun to do something a little different,
have my brain challenged
and be creative!

These bags were by request~

The multiple-zippered bag below was once a jumper that I made about 15 years ago!
While I still loved the fabric, I was tired of the jumper so I stored it away.

In January Sara at Sew Sweetness put out a call for pattern testers
and I was one of the lucky ones choosen!
You can check out all of the creative ideas at Sara's site.

I decided it was the perfect time to UpCycle my 
spring--ee fabric.
The bag is perfect for traveling with a laptop!

All of the bag work has been fun and 
the machine and I get to work on some quilty projects!

Hope things are pieceful in your part of the world.....

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