Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Bit of a Blow~

On Tuesday they predicted a storm.
It was supposed to begin blowing, 
then build.
I came to work prepared to spend the night.
I like to plan ahead!

At first they predicted 9" of snow.
Later it was down-graded to 4 or 5 inches.
It was in the 30's with really warm winds. 
 The total snowfall ended up being 
just enough to cover up the old, dirty snow.

Because it has been so warm are now walking through water,
rather than over ice, 
getting to our cars at the bottom of the hill.
The Pilot Man even changed from Bunny to rubber boots this morning.
It is more like our April weather than March!

When we left for work in the wee morning hours Wednesday
I thought the water on the trees looked so pretty glinting in the outside light.
We didn't know what the road would be like, so I resisted taking time out for a picture ;0)
We came home in the light and I saw it was ice--
not liquid water on the poor trees.

The new snow is hard for Dexter Dog to trudge through.

 While the Pilot Man worked to clean the deck,
I did my part documenting the work.

The snow was so white and fluffy --making it look purely pretty!

but it was starting to get a little deep out there.

Now it is Thursday.
We drove through a few small drifts on the road this morning, but it wasn't bad.
It was surprisingly windy through, and the wind speeds kept increasing.
Then the snow began to blow...

At 9:15 my Elementary swimmers made it to the pool,
but the buses had already been told the 
kids might be sent home early 
from school.
The kids blew into the building for their last day of lessons.
They had fun in the wet, wonderland of the pool
then held onto their hats as they crawled back on the bus. 
At the school the students were told they would indeed be released early!!

Most of the business in town also shut down,
and all of the airlines closed for the day--including the jet.
The storm is supposed to break later tonight.
It would be lovely to make it home.

Iditarod Break (aka Spring Break) may be starting a little early..... 

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