Friday, March 8, 2013

A Good Day to Travel~

We did make it home after the blow.
By the late afternoon the snow had stopped and the visibility lifted a bit.
The plows had been at work all day and 
my car was surrounded by a few piles, but the Pilot Man
was able to get it out while I finished up inside. 
The drive home was uneventful on mostly cleared roads to Dexter.  
Those plows work hard on days like this!

Later that evening, it started snowing again so
I decided to put my car up on the road and walk out in the morning.
After I packed my bag, we ended up putting both cars up there before 
walking home.

In the morning we discovered that we could have driven out,
but a brisk walk was a good warm up to the day!

As we were waiting to take off on the jet, it started snowing and blowing again.
We had several medical passengers who needed the stairlift up the ramp
to get onboard.
The weather made it more challenging for them.

The raised-in-Nome ticket agent was prepared to work outside with her bunny boots though!

Once the plane cleared the mountains, it was a beautiful ride across Alaska!

Glorious mountaintops,

and meandering river valleys.

All of the small, smaller and smallest rivers converged with the mighty flow here
as they headed to the sea.

Then we were treated to a spectacular view of the Bowl as we dropped into Anchorage.

The guy in the aisle seat, who is from Nome, kept handing me his phone to take pictures
for him.
It was that pretty out the window!

Anchorage and the mountains reflecting in the bay.

An hour later I was flying with Tinkerbell..

over the southeastern portion of Alaska to Washington State..

where Seattle truly was the Emerald City!

We were parked by the Jammin' Salmon's gate!
I spent a little time in the Seattle airport,
 then had a short hop, which passed quickly with interesting conversation,
before reaching my final airport of the day.

In all of the years and flights we have flown, I think our bags have been lost
maybe three times, but I am always grateful to see them come off of
the carousel--below the posted signs.

From here I hopped into the rental car and feeling very "techy" typed in my motel name.
Things hit a bit of a bump there!
I ended up 30 minutes away, at another motel in the same chain.
The tricky little lady in my phone obviously had the wrong information ;o)

Have you ever noticed there are not a lot of places to pull off in the dark,
on a strange freeway,
to check address numbers when you begin to suspect you are headed in the
wrong direction?

The folks at the two motels were fabulous, and took care of the details of payment
between them.
Then they gave me a bed to sleep in and everything.....


  1. The pictures taken through the plane window are so amazing they almost look fake. I love seeing the meandering rivers. The salmon plane is really cool. Glad your sleeping accommodations worked out. I have never used GPS. Maybe I'm too old to start now.
    There is an occasional mention of the Iditarod race on the news here. It's become more interesting to me after reading your posts. Yesterday, there was a mention of it on the NPR news when we were in the car. I started telling my husband about the women I was rooting for. He wanted to know when I became interested. I told him I had connections in Alaska.

  2. Glad that the hotels worked together to help get you settled and into bed! Beautiful photos from the plane, no wonder the other fellow kept giving you his phone.


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