Friday, March 1, 2013

A Trip to the Dentist~

I had a dentist appointment yesterday..
That meant hopping on the morning jet and flying to Anchorage.
Not because I was avoiding the meeting, but because that is where the dentist is.

The first stop in Anchorage was lunch with some people watching.
It was warm in the big city, 34' F, and overcast with a little snow falling.

One fellow was wearing a down coat,
and flip-flops.
It was that warm!

There is always a long list of "To Do's" when we go to town..

The Portland Soccer Team flew in on their own Alaska Airlines jet.

This made me chuckle as I stood in line for my coffee.
I actually had to go get my own for a change!!

I stopped by for fresh bread to take home before I hopped back on the jet.
We discovered a Great Harvest in Portland, Oregon and hope to see
more in our travels.
This trip I tried a new, cranberry wheat.  Yum!!

Then it started snowing.
And the front WiPeRs turn on HoW????

Rental cars..each have different lights, wiper switches 
and ways to open the gas tank!
I am glad they have an arrow to tell you which side to fill on.

The last stop before the airport is to reorganize purchases for the flight.

I decided to take care of loading by the Lake in the gently falling snow.

The ceiling was low and the lake looked mushy for landing on. 
Most of the airplanes were pulled up on shore with floats.
It won't be too much longer before the planes can land on the water.

This plane has its bases covered for snow and water landing.

It looked like someone had cleared the snow away from the skis and tail-wheel.
A lot of people are hoping to fly home today.....


  1. It always amazes me to read how much planning and effort goes into performing even simple tasks like going to the dentist. I love the image of flip flops and a down jacket.

  2. And I thought driving 45 minutes into town was an ordeal, I'll stop whining about it after seeing what you go through.


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