Friday, March 8, 2013

Iditarod News~

Things are a little "unusual" on the Iditarod Trail.
Photographers following along have sent  wonderful pictures
for the rest of to pass on!
The pictures on today's post are borrowed from them.

Warm temperatures...all the way up to 50' F,
trashy weather, and rainy days 
are changing the Iditarod for everyone.

Sadly, there have been accidents caused by the bad weather.
Mountains, bad weather and planes are a dicey mix.

The weather is also hard on dogs used to working at cold temperatures.
Even decisions about what gear to take or leave
at the checkpoints varies..
~do they keep all of their cold-weather gear?
~take more rain needs?
Many of the mushers are in rain gear and hauling their snow pants, etc.
which means less room in the sled.
Weight and space can make a huge impact on the outcome.

The dogs are drinking from the open water,
instead of only snow melted by the mushers.
Some dogs are getting sick from bacteria found in the water.

The ice crossings have become water works..

Mitch Seavy making the crossing.

where he was served a five-course meal after he 
took care of his dogs.
This is the first stop on the Mighty Yukon River.
Martin has been here first several times and twice went on to 
win the race!

Now there is a new concern for the leaders.
if the planes continue to be grounded.
So they have to plan ahead and might need to carry extra food--for 9-14 dogs!
That is a lot of extra weight on the soft, wet snow.

What to do, what to do.....

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me that the mushers and the dogs brave the elements every year to do their best to complete this race. Your last photo in this post tore at my heart. Such a tender moment.


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