Thursday, March 14, 2013

Iditarod Update~

Remember this post?  

Mitch kept moving

because, sometimes if you don't you fall asleep reading,
but also, because he had a goal...

to be the 2013 Iditarod Champion.

Congratulations Mitch,
you accomplished your goal and won by less than 30 minutes!!

A few interesting facts:
He is the oldest winner at 53 yrs mature.
His father, Dan,  ran in the very first Iditarod and placed second.
His son, Dallas, was the 2011 Yukon Quest winner,
and the 2012 Iditarod winner
and was fourth this year.

Aliy Zirkle was less than 30 minutes behind Mitch.
She was the first woman to win the Yukon Quest and is still working
on her first Iditarod Championship.

Other cool pictures borrow from Alaska Dispatch and ADN photographers:

Sunrise coming into Nome

One of my favorite shots..
this is White Mountain from the air. 
The teams must to a mandatory lay-over here and rest.
You can see the organization of the teams and they are staked out on their lines,
and resting on straw beds.  
Each team has their own color, and is well-cared for by their musher.

After alternating with other teams for the lead,
Nome Grown Aaron Burmeister and his dogs struggled with a virus.
He was able to nurse them along to an 11th place finish.

Over thirty teams have now finished the Iditarod,
but the race isn't finished until they are all in.
Mush on.....


  1. Loved this post and your pictures are so much better than what was shown in our local paper! Congratulations to Mitch and his team of beautiful racers. May all the racers return back safely.

    P.S. Mitch was quoted as saying (in our local paper) that Aily Zirkle will win the Iditarod and will will it more than once :)

  2. I enjoyed reading about Mitch and his family. They sound like a very supportive unit. At age 53, he'd be long out of the running in most sports. It's great to see him win.


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