Friday, April 12, 2013

A Piece of the Pipeline~

Some of Alaska's greatest resources are found in the ground.
Major money is spent trying to getting the raw materials to the surface and 
on to the consumer.
Besides minerals, Alaska was blessed with natural gasses and oil under the snow and ice!

In the 70's the Pipeline was built to transport this oil so it can be processed and used.

They worked on it year round, outside, in all weather.
The workers must have appreciated warm, sunny spring days when they would connecting the pieces!

The Pipeline created a huge boom in the Alaskan economy,
and many families from the Lower 48 were supported by iron workers who commuted
back and forth to do the work.

It continues to be important to the economy in Alaska,
and useful for the rest of the world that use our products!

It was interesting to see up close.

Miles and miles of pipe that needs to be maintained in both directions!

Fairbanks still had snow on the roads for the surprise spring snow,
but the sun had come out the weekend we were there.

The sun and the 30' temps peeled the bark from the trees.

I always wonder why it does that..

This is only one piece of the pipeline which can be viewed in many parts of the state.
You can check it out on your visit to the Great Land.....

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  1. After reading your post, as usual, my next stop was Wikipedia for more information. I remember reading about the pipeline when it was being built, but haven't given it much thought since then. I never heard of the pigs before. It's really cool.


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