Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coming Home~

It was a beautiful day when we returned to Nome.

The trail markers stood out on the glistening, ice-covered snow.

The ice which had dripped off the Pilot Man's pickup when he parked the night before,
 still stood proudly in the sunshine.

Some of the puddles in the road were at that edge between liquid and ice.
After I parked, the mud, that had splashed during the drive, dripped from the running boards,
leaving a thickening icy frame on the car.

My gifted bouquet from Fairbanks made it home beautifully, 
in spite of the hand-carrying/shoving/airport-traveling/freezing temps it endured.

Its sweet scent filled our home for days.....


  1. Great photos! I like the one of the trail marker. The background looks so stark. It appears to go on forever.

  2. Welcome home. A beautiful bouquet...glad it made the trip back safely.


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