Monday, April 15, 2013

Fairbanks to Anchorage by Air~

The Interior of Alaska has the most varied temperatures in the state.
Winters are commonly -50' F, and the summers over 100 degrees warmer!
On those long, warm days they enjoy amazing gardens and outdoor swimming pools.

Like many places in the Lower 48, this was a weird weather year
for Fairbanks.
One week +50', the next week 5" of snow!
The de-icer at the airport is still getting a work out..

But the sun was shining on Alaska's second-largest city when we left.

It gave us a perfect chance to see Denali during the short flight to Anchorage.

That is a lot of snow and ice!

The climbing season has begun.
Can you imagine climbing that mountain?

I think I will stick to the view from the warm, sunny side.....


  1. i always enjoy your posts! thanx for sharing.

  2. The view out the plane window is amazing. I can't imagine climbing those snow covered mountains. It must be wonderful for those who succeed.

  3. I'll always be more of a mountain viewer than a mountain climber! Wonderful photos.


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