Sunday, April 21, 2013

New To the Neighborhood~

At the downtown WalMart in Anchorage,
I spied these in the Seasonal Aisle.

It hit my funny bone, 
and made me wonder if a buyer in the Lower 48 might 
have been responsible for the order's timing?
Not many have been purchased so far.

As our days get longer,
it 'tis the season 
for more daylight and shorter nights.
This morning the sun was rising by 5 AM and 
last night it was still bright at 11 PM when I closed my eyes.
We will stay on the upward climB for the next six weekS!!

For the price though, we could pick up a few of these
and save them for 
fall time.

When more light is truly appreciated.....


  1. That would take a little getting use to. Dawn at 5 would be fine, but staying bright until 11 at night would be strange for me.☺

  2. Does it take your body time to adjust to having that much light? It sounds like it would interfere with you sleeping pattern.


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