Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Little Perspective~

So we have all been a little whiny here about the 

But then an EF5 tornado went through Tornado Alley,
demolishing everything in its path while taking innocent lives.
And the Flyer Son and his family spent an hour in their shelter,
as the storm passed them by.
The twister followed the path that wiped out much of the area in 1999,
except this year it pulled up and skipped a section.
In that section, were new replacement houses with shelters, an Air Force Base and more.

We may still be tired of the snow,
but no houses are being damaged or lives being lost.
We will count our blessings 
and hope for the best outcomes in Oklahoma.....

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  1. We were complaining about the cool rainy Spring we've been having, up until the devastation in Oklahoma. Perspective is right! I'm glad to hear your son and family are O.K.


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