Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do I Have an 'H'~

The wind is howling,
the snow is horizontal,
and it is half way through May.



  1. Afternoon Sharon oh dear just when you were hoping for some spring weather. However we got snow here on Tuesday night, especially in Devon which is far south to us! Like you say and it's May!!!! I think we just now have to accept that our weather is different to years ago and get on with it. It is cold here today and rainy, like April showers. However the garden loves it (so do the weeds and the grass!!!!) Susie x

  2. I feel your disappointment Sharon. Hunker down and hang in there. Better days are ahead :)

  3. we had some very thick rain for a while this morning, 9 to 10, enough to still have a slushy white coveing on the car. our weather forcast has assured us that in '64 there was a couple of inches of snow on may 22, so this is not unusual. hah. i don't remember that! must be like labor pains ... once they're over you never remember them.

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