Thursday, May 30, 2013

First It Is Up, Then Down~

The river is moving,
the river is moving!!

The water on the road has remained pretty high as the temperatures have risen.
At first the water just moved over the top of the ice,
but would get backed up occassionally.

As the Nursing Daughter and I were eating dinner on the deck one evening, 
we heard a loud crashing from the river.
Huge ice chunks were moving rapidly downstream as the jam opened up!
It looked like someone lost some of their building supplies.

Once the water could flow down the river, it stopped pushing down the road
and our drive was visible again!

We could see how thick the river ice had been from the remains left behind.

The pond is still frozen and not draining very quickly.

The layers are all melting at different rates which is interesting.

The center of the river is flowing pretty freely, but there is a lot of ice
pushed up and left on its shores.

The ice was really high this winter so the water was way above
the usual water line.
The force of the water created a channel below our house.  
It doesn't show up well, but the sides and bottom were "squared" out.
There must have been a weak spot here, because it is such an odd place to 
have the river run.  
I guess it went to toward the path of least resistance!

Nature's Pick-up Sticks

It is pretty "awe"some to look around at everything left after the spring break up!

The world looks just a little bit different.

I think we were lucky with this break up.....

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