Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Drive~

After a surprise conference call
(ThAnKs KiDs, you made my day!!)
I expressed my desire to be outside.

From the window it looked sunny with blue skies,
but windy, so we decided to go for a drive.

At the Dexter intersection the Pilot Man turned right.
The road was in pretty good shape for springtime.

We stopped here to take pictures~
clouds building in front of us..

blue skies behind us.

a weighted tripod beside us.
They get a lot of wind through here!

The ravens were loving the wind and doing some amazing aerobatics
with fantastic rolls and dives as they played.

We didn't enjoy the wind and snow flakes as much as the birds,
so decided it was time to turn around towards home
when we reached the falling snow.

DOT had opened up the road and shoved the snow aside a while back.
It packed the snow creating ice prisms.  
As they melted they fell in these cool columns. 

In a few places the road was 4-wheel drive only...

with water flowing.

There wasn't any wind in this section, and that sun sure felt good!

The ditch along the side of the road should help divert the run-off
if it warms up and melts fast.

The water level has dropped beneath this ice,
but it has been so cold the ice on top stayed.
It is good to watch where you are going!

Yay!!  Things are melting in the arctic!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers' Day,
also known as May 12, 2013,
in your part of the world.....

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  1. You really do love where you live don't you? I love that you find and photograph the beauty of your area and share it with us.


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