Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Prickly Matter~

Driving back from Dorothy Falls we spotted something moving across the
road in front of us.

I dove for the camera and started changing lenses while expressing
my desire for a picture at a non-blurred speed.

The Pilot Man, being a guy who likes to help out, kept driving closer.
He didn't know I had my "longer" lens!

The little critter picked up its pace and by time I jump out 
it had scuttled into the brush.


The Pilot Man had also gone into the brush.
I was taking some pretty flower pictures by a shaky alder
when he called me over to the back of it and said, "Look in there"..

Finally I saw this looking back at us!!

Isn't he so cute!!

Luckily I still had the long lens on ;0) .....

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  1. Hi Sharon, what is he? Is he a porcupine? Perhaps you could run a "Guess the Critter" spot?!!! Susie x


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