Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An Unusual Neighbor~

This morning I kissed the Pilot Man good-bye,
 and waved as he drove off to work.
I hadn't even made it down the hall when the pickup
raced back up the drive.

The Pilot Man hurried in and said,
"Grab your lens and glasses so you can see this!" 

I hopped in the pickup and we headed up the road a little ways to find..

a Bald Eagle.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game did raptor surveys in the area
last week.
By their count, bird numbers are down and those birds that
are present,
aren't really interested in nesting right now.

Our surprising visitor this morning was being harassed by robins and gulls

that kept diving at him.

He remained fairly calm as they flew by,
and let me get close enough to get a good look at him.

When he had enough, he adjusted his wings

tested them a few times..

before taking off for the next post...

where he skillfully landed.

Only to be harassed again once he stopped..

which didn't seem to phase the raptor.

Maybe he just wanted to rest and take in the beautiful,
warm, summer morning.....


  1. Morning Sharon, it always amazes me how the little birds attack the birds of prey! What fantastic pictures and it does look like a lovely morning, Summer is here hopefully to stay a while. Enjoy, Susie

  2. You certainly captured some wonderful shots of your morning visitor.

  3. Wow! Great shots. I like how you captured the seagull in mid-flight and the little bird on the wire near the Eagle. What a thrilling way to greet the day.

  4. What fun to get to see him! Blessings, Marlene


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