Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Time in Alaska~

Miss Sweetness is now six months old
and she came to see us!

She was kind enough to bring her parents as well..

So on her first day I was home alone with her.. 

and we played,
and I marveled at her perfect features

and her pleasure in being photographed ;0)

And then I was able to hold her as she relaxed
and fell asleep... s i g h.....


  1. What a cutie pie she is. I love the image of her little toes :) Enjoy your week Sharon.

  2. I love these pictures. You look great. You could totally pass for her mom. Nothing like a baby to keep you young.

  3. Oh my goodness! She is so sweet! What a wonderfully delightful time you must have had with her. Your photographs are beautiful, she is beautiful and so is her Grandma!


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