Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It Is a Bloomin' Heatwave~

As you may know
we have been breaking a lot of records this spring.

Well today we broke another one!
Two days ago it was the most rainfall (1")

and today the hottest..
Dexter made it to 90' (yes, NIneTy DegrEEs)!!

At 5:30 AM it was 66'
above zero.

The heat from the last few days have the flowers

popping out in a profusion

of color.

On the hillsides, in the flower beds.
They are bloomin' everywhere!

And the littlest critters are out doing their work.

The Flyer Son and Crafty Wife
took a ride on the river.

While I drove them to the bridge to start,
the Nursing Daughter stayed home with Miss Sweetness

When I came home she said 
"Come look at the cutest thing!"

and this is what I found.....


  1. Miss Sweetness looks just as cute & sweet asleep as she does awake!

  2. The differences in your last three posts is nothing short of amazing; ice in the water one day and flowers bursting with color the next.
    It's always a treat to see Miss Sweetness. She's a beauty.

  3. Your little bundle of radiant sunshine must have brought all the beautiful weather with her :) Enjoy!


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