Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Muskox Musings~

We may be two weeks behind in our spring, 
but the muskox are calving and the babes look so cute!

The adults are loosing their long, soft qiviut.

We can see where they have been by following their qiviut trails!
See the "fur balls" hanging from the branches?

This herd was in someone's driveway.  
The house owners were standing on their deck watching the muskox's activities.

The bears are hungry this spring so the herds are wary...

 keeping their little ones close.

 More qiviut to collect!  
There are a lot of people knitting with qiviut, so this cluster will be gathered soon.

They look so soft and huggable,
from afar.....

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  1. Friends of ours who were here for a few days saw a bear about 8 minutes from our house when they were driving in. I've never seen a bear or a muskox in real life and aren't these little baby muskox adorable!


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