Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Hills Are Alive~

The long sunny days sure change things quickly!

I once read that on the Seward Peninsula there are over 200 species of wildflowers.
When we hiked to one of our favorite spots, I think we saw at
least half of them.

This hike always reminds me of Julie Andrews and her family
heading over the high mountains.
The hills certainly were coming alive here!

Come hike through pictures with us..

Dorothy Creek

They thought they saw a big critter...

We aren't sure what this rock marked, but it is the first time we have 
seen it even though we have been over this hill many times!

A Star Flower with many different flowers in the background.

It was such a pretty day!

The Nursing Daughter and Nike, her rescued runner friend.

Alas, the mosquitoes were also VeRy Alive!

the Falls..

The ground was a little slippery going down.
Most of the snow has just recently melted so the ground cover is 
short and slick with the winter kill below it.

There are several nests remaining from past years in the crevices along the falls.
When we come back later in the season, they may have families again.

Only two ventured down to the creek and bottom of the falls.

Usually we go back through the creek, but the snow along the edges 
was still really thick.
We decided to go back the way we came so Miss Sweetness
didn't take her first swim there!

There used to be a train that ran along this road 
(before the road was so developed)
which served all of the miners and homesteaders along the tracks.

One of the original cabins.
The father who lived here, used to walk to Fairbanks,
and back.

A final river crossing and time to head home.

Thanks for sharing the hike with us.....


  1. Beautiful day, great images, thanks for sharing them with all of us Sharon.

  2. Love the pictures of the family and the hike. Hope the good weather stays with you for a while. Susie x

  3. Such a wonderful way to spend quality family time. As much as I enjoyed the scenic pics, the ones of the baby are so adorable. Love those cheeks!

  4. Miss Sweetness looks adorable peeking through the mosquito netting. With the ground so green and all of the wildflowers blooming, I didn't expect to see a big patch of snow in the pictures. Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery.


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