Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Fourth of July Tradition~

The Fourth of July 
is a birthday celebration for the US A

and it brings a long-time tradition for our family..

The Anvil Mountain Run!

This year was the 29th run for the Pilot Man

The Engineering Son started ten years ago at 13.  
We think this was his eighth race.

The Nursing Daughter did her first race eight years ago and so far
hasn't missed a year.

This was a good year for the run.
The weather was fairly nice,
the muskox weren't too close on the mountain,
and no one was lost in the fog at the top! 

Our family runners were happy with their work.

A first overall,  a first female 

 and a darn happy to have finished.....

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  1. Congratulations to the fleet of foot. That's quite an accomplishment to have all 3 finish and 2 at the top of the leader boards. It's great that your children can get back home to keep up the family tradition. Maybe, Miss Sweetness will join them one day.


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